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Look, Putin lost the plot a long time ago and his actions are of a man who doesn’t have true plans to lead his country forward, but let’s get real: he personally will never be liable for any of what has happened in the Crimea or Ukraine.

Now the country he nominally leads should be held accountable for their leaders failure in his job. You don’t get to play with the big boys if you can’t play nice. Rip the 2018 FIFA WC tomorrow. Out of the G7. Refuse admission to the WTO. Accelerate the construction of LNG terminals in Western Europe, Germany needs to restart nuke plants(for now.) Cast Russian companies out of Western capital markets. Start canceling visas for all Russians, not just the oligarchs. Squeeze their feet, let them go back to the rump of a Soviet Empire and get their pineapple from Vietnam.

Russia is the worst of all worlds: a farce of a democracy, zero rule of law and economic inequality. We need to help the Russian people make a decision much like the Ukrainians (people the Russians see as hillbillies even though it was the cradle of the Russian people) chose: do you want to go forward or go back?


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