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Lots of hockey out there and with lots of streaming options available, I’m gonna try and give you a rundown. If you want to consolidate as many of these apps on to as few devices as possible, the important thing is to register & subscribe via their websites and not through the apple store so as not to break subscriptions. The google play store seems to be a lot more difficult to get around territorial restrictions.

So how do you get the apps?
1:Use google maps to find a hotel in country X: copy down the address & phone number.
2:Inside your iOS device: go to settings/apple ID

3: Click on iTunes&Apple Store/Apple ID provide password
4:Click on country/region
5:Select change country(which will break subscriptions, but you can change back)
Select country X
6: WARNING: Do not enter CC/PayPal info, go no info.
7:Enter hotel address & phone in appropriate spots
8: Go to selected country App Store, search for and download desired app.
9: Restore App Store to your original country.

North America:


NHL.TV is pretty awesome, can use most any streaming device under the sun.


Everything that is awesome about NHL.TV is missing in the products offered by NeuLion. Picture quality wildly varies, is usually the feed that goes to the center ice video screens while the audio is a radio simulcast. The ECHL has an AppleTV app, the others have IPhone & iPad apps along with their respective WHL, OHL, QMJHL, AHL  live websites

USHL, BCHL and lower leagues

Hockey TV has apps for all apple devices, but their website can be hard to navigate. The AppleTV app is a lot easier UI. good level of streaming, varying picture quality, but the usually have dedicated announcers at the higher levels.




What follows is a long winded primer on CMORE

CMORE’s basic sport package is €20/month, only gets you select SHL/Allsvenskan games. If you go premium, you get every game of both leagues, plus the previous round to watch. Plus all their other sports and channels. It has a website you can stream from along with apps for iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and android(though geofenced and more hassle than it’s worth to get as you’ll need a Swedish phone number.)

If you pay for the year up front it’s €35/month, month by month it’s €46.

The SHL/Allsvenskan games stream anywhere in the world on up to two devices. However, sports like NBA and the terrestrial channels are geofenced, so you’ll need a VPN to watch those.

Yes, you need a Swedish credit card, but there are things afoot.

1st, you can buy a reloadable MasterCard called paygoo in Sweden from select Pressbÿrans(1 in central rail hall) and load it up to 8000kr in a month, which would keep you subscribed for a few years(basically until the card would expire anyway.) If you know anybody going to Sweden and you trust them with €850, you can do it that way. If you go this route and know anybody in Sweden, you could take a photo of the bar code, text it to them, then they can reload your card when handy.

The other is that Apple Pay has been introduced in Sweden and adoption has been moving very quickly. If CMORE adapts it, Apple Pay will remove the Swedish banking barrier to access. Then you could just login via your iPhone, subscribe via Apple Pay and then login in on your other devices.


There’s a decent streaming site that has tons of hockey from almost all the lower men’s and junior leagues. You need a subscripyion to see everything, but there’s always something free on the home page. The streaming quality is decent.



Liiga games are available via Ruutu, which is available worldwide from the Apple store. Fire up your chrome browser to register and give them a finnish phone number to register. Any credit card will work and isn’t geofenced. The picture is HD quality and if an archived game, subsequent games will autoplay.

Mestis & youth league:

The second division games are available via Fanseat, along with France’s top 3 divisions. They have an iPhone app


The website for Czech hockey TV is in beta and is tough to work with. Registration is a nightmare as using your email address never gets you a confirmation email. Better to join via Facebook for some reason.


DEL is shown via Telekom Sport. You can register via the website and they have an app for iPhone, but when you sign up, you’ll need to say that you’ll be watching in Germany. Otherwise, not geofenced and high quality video.



This is where things start to get funky.  With multiple countries & providers, wrangling all of the options is a tall order for a 4th rate league(but at least they’re trying to grow the game and have passionate fans.) The easiest way to find these options are web only for the most part.

There’s Servus TV, which has a free hockey night broadcast once a week. They have an Apple TV app. Sky Ticket has apps in multiple formats and accepts Paypal, but they only show a game or two live each week with the sport package and no archived games.

For more content, you can try M4 in Hungary, HRT in Croatia Medvedscak, Video 33 in Italy for Bolzano. Consult the league website for details. Of course you could register with Tipsport somehow and get video for everything, but I digress.

Up next will be leagues like Iceland, UK & the BeNe league.



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Las Vegas Expansion

So the expansion draft is 10 months away for the Las Vegas Spearmint Rhinos, so how do they handle it? How do they allocate scouting resources: Let’s break it down.

The team has to grab 1 player from every team and the minimum are:
3 Goalies
9 Defensemen
14 Forwards

With a minimum payroll of $43.8mm. The league is apparently allowing a window the Las Vegas can negotiate deals with other teams about any and all under the sun.

So how do you play it?

First off, you have a plethora of players to choose from, both in quantity and quality. In theory, you can get close to the minimum payroll and load up with young players and at the same time you can load up on big contracts and have a playoff caliber team in the short term, but it is necessary to balance both short term and long term goals going forward.

An optimal theory would be to have a balance of 4-5 contracts that expire each year over the next 4 years, with fewer in year 1 and more at year 3 & 4. The expansion draft selections would be based on the above along with maximizing value over the next 10 years, so deferring picks is needed.

Other teams will want to unload poorly performing contracts while trying to protect young players who still haven’t fulfilled their upside. Most of those players are not top 6 F or top 4 D and any talent/exposure mismatches will largely be dealt with.

A cursory talent evaluation of the players exposed would suggest a surplus of players that are replacement level to + at both G & D paid close to the minimum and a bifurcation of forwards: Most are bottom 6 on the cheap, yet enough top 6 types that are productive, yet underperforming their contract. Luckily most of them are on contracts that will expire between 1-3 years after the team’s 1st season.

In my view of roster construction, I want to grab the minimal number of contracts that get me to  $43.8mm, while my final budget is mid $50mm that sheds $10mm contracts annually over the following 3-4 years. Beyond that I’m trying to accumulate multiple draft picks going forward over the next 3 to 5 years. You do your league wide roster evaluation as part of your due diligence, then I would suggest the following:

Announce to the other teams my payroll/draft plans at some point, then invite them to a sealed bid auction where the bids would be opened after protection lists would be submitted.  The best offers(those unloading bad contracts coupled with x amount of draft picks that can be claimed over the next 5 years) get taken early, while the others just likely lose the best player available.

This way I force the other teams to spend their resources working out their game theory(while in a prisoner’s dilemma) of making sure their worst assets get unloaded by giving up other picks with none of it binding to my team. No haggling, just their best offer(s). The other teams can conspire all they want, but it’s self defeating. Even if only a third of the league really needs to unload a turkey, it’s still enough to keep them honest and drive up prices for secondary contracts(this is where I’d love game theory input.)

The only time I contact other teams is in the window after protected lists are announced, then I start swinging surplus players(likely D & G) around for more picks and (maybe) prospects. Just accumulating RD staggered in the pipeline should do wonders over the years.

Year 1 I want top end picks who can play in year 2-4, subsequently I want best player available early followed by elite level players who slip because of anything but undersized and lack of physicality.  Tough to get em big enough in the former, can’t teach the latter.

Year 2-5 will have tons of cap space, but signing top end talent not a given, not sure blocking the way of picks advisable as draft pool looks better going forward from 2019. Would rather do short term over 30 deals for guys with the right work ethic, bring them into the community.

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